protecting management risk

Our attorneys evaluate coverage, advise, and defend clients on claims-made policies issued to a wide-range of traditional and non-traditional professionals and managers, including directors & officers, attorneys, accountants, and realtors. Issues handled are unique to these policies, including claims made/reported, scope of coverage, defense counsel selection, and consent to settle provisions. 

We prosecute and defend insurers against claims by policyholders and additional insureds, including declaratory relief, breach of contract, rescission, reformation, fraud and bad faith.

Directors & Officers Liability

Fraud, mismanagement, and economic downturns have led to major D&O events impacting the insurance markets over the last decade. Our clients rely on our understanding of securities laws, state and federal case law, dispute resolution processes, and the scope and intent of the insurance products to evaluate and resolve these often complex claims.

Professional Liability

Experience handling the wide gamut of professional liability exposures enables our attorneys to provide clients with the broadest possible perspective in resolving professional errors and omissions claims through negotiation, litigation or arbitration. We represent insurers in claims involving accountants, actuaries, architects and engineers, fiduciaries, financial institutions, insurance agents and brokers, investment advisors, lawyers, managed care facilities, public entities and securities broker-dealers.

Employment Practices Liability

Our attorneys assist with claim handling and in representing insurers in litigation, arbitration or mediation with respect to the often difficult and emotionally charged areas of employment practices liability, such as:

  • Race and gender discrimination

  • Wrongful termination and retaliation

  • Sexual harassment

  • Wage and hour disputes

  • Breach of contract

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act

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Professional / Management Liability