protecting against the far-reaching impact of claims

Litigation can be a costly proposition for insurance companies. Often the best defense in litigation starts before a lawsuit is ever filed. Consequently, while we are ready to aggressively defend our clients in lawsuits, we also strive to help our clients avoid litigation altogether.

We regularly educate our clients on how to minimize litigation risk in the claims handling process. Along with updates on the ever changing insurance law landscape, we provide in house regulatory compliance workshops, seminars on cutting-edge legal issues, and policy drafting and writing sessions.

Our claims management services provide guidance to our clients, ensuring that their coverage positions are timely, consistent and legally sound. We collaborate with our clients early on, to:

  • Develop a strategy for early claim investigation

  • Identify and develop facts impacting the scope of any defense and indemnity obligations

  • Appreciate coverage issues as they materialize

  • Develop a cost-effective plan to manage risk

  • We also consult with our clients on product development, including wording of policy forms

the power of collaboration

Policy Drafting & Claims Management