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predicting, analyzing, and resolving digital risks

The number and severity of highly publicized electronic data thefts, security breaches, and alleged invasions of privacy are increasing on an exponential basis. These incidents pose a risk of substantial liability for the companies accused of such breaches. Companies, in turn, look to their insurance, including specific insurance products that address cyber liability, for coverage. Risks associated with these claims carry significant implications for our clients.

Our attorneys have experience in all aspects of cyber liability. We provide coverage analysis of first party breach or security events, and guide insureds through the breach response process using our network of experienced experts to mitigate liability, risks, and exposures. Our counsel includes:

  • Complex coverage evaluations of third-party claims

  • Investigative claims that arise from breach incidents, technology, multi-media

  • Privacy liability coverage agreements

In addition, our lawyers draft cyber-specific policies and endorsements to address new and emerging risks. Our cyber coverage attorneys assist insurers on a variety of incidents including:

  • Cyber extortion incidents 

  • Large health company personal health information breaches 

  • IRS fraud scams 

  • Social engineering wire fraud transfers 

  • Encryption virus software 

  • Lost laptops 

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Cyber Liability